Family Law Attorney Lake Nona

Family Law Attorney Lake Nona

Family Law Attorney

Nona Legal Services is fully equipped to efficiently and compassionately manage the spectrum of family law cases, from divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, contempt, division of marital assets and debt, family violence, mediation, modification, mothers’ rights, parental kidnapping, fathers’ rights, grandparents’ rights, paternity and legitimation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, same-sex partnership agreements, stepparent and relative adoption, and visitation.

At M.H. Rosenthal Law, we understand about families and transition. We know it can be difficult to make the right choices in the absence of legal knowledge and experienced counsel.

Our attorney brings comprehensive capabilities in family law to each case and client. Our sensitive, competent and responsible handling of cases gives clients confidence and peace during times that are typically traumatically and stressful.

M.H. Rosenthal Law delivers results. Settlement agreements that conclude marriages or relationships are different from case to case because all families are unique and circumstances vary.

Our attorney is equipped with experience and knowledge to handle each case with customized attention, and to deliver the outcomes that our clients need.

In the dissolution of marriages and relationships, our attorney encourages mediation and dispute resolution over trials.

However, if going to trial is unavoidable, our attorney is skilled, appropriately aggressive, and results-oriented.

A frequent divorce by-product is the matter of child custody.

We understand that children are the most important thing to parents, and deciding how to share time can be one of the most difficult aspects of a split. Cases involving children include the creation what is known as a “Parenting Plan” to establish a time-sharing schedule

M.H. Rosenthal Law works diligently throughout such cases to manage cost and leverage resources. Our attorney stands beside our clients at every step, providing trusted counsel, guidance, and reassurance.

Child support often requires occasional attorney involvement, either in the enforcing of the support or the modification of it.

Understanding that issues over child support are frequently emotionally charged, our attorney brings compassion and competence in eliciting necessary action.

The division of property in the context of divorce usually falls under Family Law services.

Our attorney is experienced in handling asset (and debt) division, carefully reviewing when and how assets were acquired and purchased.

M.H. Rosenthal Law brings knowledge and capability to the litigating, mediating, and settling of issues around the equitable distribution of property.

Family Law encompasses a spectrum of situations and conflict areas.

M.H. Rosenthal Law‘s attorney is equipped to handle the full range and to work hard to make sure our clients receive the best possible outcomes for their cases.

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