Business Law Attorney Lake Nona

Business Law Attorney Lake Nona

lake nona business lawyer

Business Law Attorney Lake Nona

M.H. Rosenthal Law has a Lake Nona Business Law Attorney on staff, Florida focused on providing counsel, guidance, and representation in business and commercial law cases.

We represent clients in a large range of business aspects and phases, including:

  • Business organization
  • Employment law
  • Contract matters
  • Construction law
  • Franchise law
  • Trademark protection
  • Partnership disputes
  • Nonprofit law
  • Technology and internet law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Restrictive covenants

At M.H. Rosenthal Law, we understand that despite the best efforts on the part of business owners, conflicts and disputes still occur. The nature of business ownership can lead to litigation despite all attempts to avoid it.

Our attorney brings knowledge and experience to business law matters. We have worked with business owners of companies large and small, in enterprises that cross industry sectors. We offer trusted counsel and guidance when legal issues arise.

Much of our business and commercial law services center around non-dispute situations, i.e. instances where legal counsel is needed for the set-up of an entity, establishing protection of an asset, or writing into contract an arrangement between groups or partners.

Business Setup, Employment, Franchise, Agreements

Business law encompasses correct business entity formation, factoring in personal liability, tax advantages, the number of owners, etc. Our Lake Nona Business Law Attorney provides counsel in the selection of appropriate business forms—limited liability, “C” corporation, “S” corporation, limited partnership, or other.

Some clients set up nonprofit corporations which involve different considerations. Our attorney advises on this kind of organization registry and the legal compliance and tax exemption issues around it.

Joint Ventures and Parnterships

When a business owner is considering a joint venture, entering a partnership, or putting legal protections into place, our attorney is ready and able to advise. We help clients organize company forms and structures, and draft partnership agreements, LLC operating agreements, and corporate shareholder agreements. We also put protections into place in the event of a business dissolution or if an owner is unexpectedly removed from his or her business.

Once a business is set up, our Lake Nona Business Law Attorney helps clients with subsequent phases of development, such as negotiating leases and purchase agreements, negotiating contracts with clients, and providing support and counsel in all kinds of business transactions.

When a business has employees, is a franchise, or is undergoing construction, legal considerations can require attorney support and counsel. In matters regarding protecting your trademarks and copyrights, our attorney stands by to assist.

At M.H. Rosenthal Law, we emphasize clear and robust communication, a thorough assessment of risk, and efficient service. We seek to build solid, on-going relationships with our business clients, believing that we offer important legal services that will be necessary and valuable at various stages in the span of the client’s business.

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