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retainer vs. hourly rates

Business Law: Retainer vs. Hourly Rates

Is your business buried in legal bills?

It may be time to consider the benefits of a retainer vs. hourly rates. When an attorney charges hourly rates, they have to charge for everything. Every email, every phone call, every moment spent doing research–all of these are charged in 6-minute increments. Think about how that adds up. Your 3-minute call with the lawyer turns into a 6-minute bill. The 7 minutes your lawyer spent reading and responding to your email gets billed at 12 minutes since it is one minute over the 6-minute mark.

All of these fees translate into big bills, so as a client you’re constantly wondering what the next invoice will look like and you try to avoid racking up the minutes.

Does this sound like the kind of relationship you want with your attorney?

We didn’t think so.

There is a better way! At M.H. Rosenthal Law, we offer retainer packages that are customized to suit your needs and keep you out of that “nickel and dime” mentality. The reason we completely sidestep the typical billable hours approach is because we are about relationships. If you’re thinking about going with a retainer vs. hourly rates, we’re here to make the transition smooth.

Are you wondering why we offer retainer packages?

Learn about our philosophy.

We don’t charge by the hour because we’re not in the business of selling time. For each of us, time is limited. So, we choose to spend our time working with people that share our core beliefs.

We believe that corporations are not people, but instead, vehicles. Businesses exist to create jobs, grow revenue, and solve problems. Therefore, the business is a vehicle that helps you achieve these goals.

Employees, customers, and communities are passengers in our vehicles and we, as drivers, have no higher purpose than to deliver our passengers to their desired destinations, unharmed.

Accidents happen. Vehicles crash. When this occurs, it is the function of the vehicle to absorb the impact and protect the passengers at any cost. Our employees matter. Our customers matter. Our communities matter.

We choose to spend our time partnering with amazing people at companies. Sharing that time with clients means we don’t want to bill by the hour. We find that can be suffocating for a healthy business relationship.

Do you share our belief that #PeopleComeFirst?

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